MBSFood: Sex Addiction – The Naked Truth Revealed with author A.D. Burks

Celebrities like Tiger Woods, Kobe Bryant, George Michael, Michael Douglas, Eric Benet, Charlie Sheen, Ted Haggard, David Duchovny, and Jesse James. What do they all allegedly have in common? They each had an addiction that almost ruined their lives and the lives of the people around them. While the media revealed these sexual indiscretions for the whole world to see, they stopped short of analyzing the root of this addiction. Too often we don’t hear the documented progress these men have made in picking up the pieces of their broken lives. Although it might be beneficial to see the progress, recovery doesn’t make great headlines. So observers are left to make assumptions without all the relevant pieces to this most complex sex addiction puzzle. For National Recovery Month, we will go deeper to reveal the naked truth.

In Sex and Surrender: An Addict’s Journey, author A.D. Burks graphically recounts his addictive cycle, which lasted roughly twelve years, and almost ended his life. Through a dream Burks realized he had to find a way out. Therapy and spiritual counseling gave him temporary respite and inspired him to devise a four-step process to manage his addiction. Yet Burks’ true breakthrough came when the root of his pain was uncovered and he realized that sex does not equal love. During this show highlighting recovery, Burks will provide us with tidbits from his book to give us a taste of his addiction and recovery process.

A.D. Burks is a native Texan and renaissance man. He sang with the Grinnell Singers at Carnegie Hall, earned a Bachelors degree in Chemistry and an MBA from Rice University. Through Sex & Surrender, Burks returns to what he considers his calling — to use his life lessons to inspire creativity and spiritual growth. To learn more, go to www.sexsurrender.com.

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