There is a need for more understanding of the mental health required to have a good level of intimacy. No one is talking about the addictive side of sex in the African American community… we need this! Eye-opening, Mind developing and, on some levels, life altering.
Ian Haddock
Program Coordinator, Houston, Texas

Sex and Surrender left me speechless… a good read for persons who are in a battle to be whole. If you read past the words, see yourself, and receive the message you are moving in a positive direction. I believe healing is the message, and self-awareness is the beginning of the journey.
T. Lockett
Contractor at Pitney Bowes

Sex and Surrender is both provocative and entertaining. A.D. Burks entertained us with stories of lust and sex only to peel back the layers of his journey as he begin to fully understand God’s purpose for himself. A must read for not only Sex Addicts, but for anyone that struggles with an addiction and is searching for their own truth and purpose.
K. J. Beasley
Regional Planner U.S. East/Latin America

Your message in Sex and Surrender inspired me to move toward my own healing. I am so glad you followed your convictions and your heart because I NEEDED THIS. THANK YOU for the best GIFT you could’ve ever given.
D. Gilmore
Houston, TX.

Sexual, sensual, spiritual, thought-provoking, and self- reflecting can all be used to describe AD Burks’ book Sex & Surrender. Transparent and uncensored, A.D. captures his readers and takes them through experiences in his life to find love, serenity, and most importantly, himself.
D. Godfrey
Project Coordinator

A.D.’s Sex & Surrender is far greater than your typical tell-all-book…it’s simply a gifted peek into the journal of a real guy from next door. One who is saying to his friends, to his potential readers, even to his generation…although I may look picture perfect on the outside, I’m actually a wounded soul on the inside. I am someone just like you. Such a stance is what’s enabled A.D. to show us that with God and the proper supporting cast, anyone can come out of their respective addictions too!
Errol J. Clay
Founder & Lead Pastor of Just God Church

Courage is a gift few are given, and total transparency is even rarer. You are a shining example of spirit and strength. Thank you for sharing your story and your passion!!!
Carl Wilde Mackey
Houston, TX

You are a true trailblazer in every sense of the word.
Christopher Evans
Director of The Men’s Group of Houston Texas