Privacy Policy

A. D. Burks is committed to maintaining confidence and trust with respect to the privacy of personal information.

Your Privacy is Respected

  • Email addresses collected for one subscription won’t be added to other lists, without explicit permission.
  • Email addresses, postal addresses or phone numbers will not be shared, leased or sold.
  • Personal information about subscribers will never be shared with others.

When this site’s users subscribe for updates or otherwise supply contact information, they will only be contacted regarding the information or service for which they provided their information. Links and information about other services may be infrequently passed on to subscribers. Subscribers may remove themselves from any of this site’s contact lists by making a request that confirms their original information.

Website Statistics

Server logs automatically collect information such as which files are accessed and what browsers are used. Advertisers may track the number and source of clicks, and web development professionals analyze server logs for the purpose of improving web sites.

This site will never use software that collects personally identifying information without user’s knowledge or permission.

If this site’s privacy policy changes in the future, user information that was gathered previously will only be used according to the policy that was in place when users supplied that information.