The Sex Test

You might be wondering if you or someone you know is addicted to sex. While a certified therapist is able to clinically diagnosis sex addiction, the questions below provide insight into the behaviors common among sex addicts. These questions are not exhaustive, but include traits and behaviors that the author exhibited during his addiction and/or behaviors he saw demonstrated in other sex addicts.

Take the test and decide if you or someone you know might be a sex addict.

The Sex Test

Do you regularly view or subscribe to pornography in magazines, videos or websites?


Do you spend a considerable amount of time thinking about sex?


Do you frequent bathhouses, sex shops, video/bookstores?


After sex do you feel depressed or have feelings of regret?


Have you participated in sexual activities that you knew were a risk to your life or others?


Do you go to parks, restrooms and other places looking for anonymous sex?


Do your sexual habits/behaviors prevent you from freely communicating with your family or friends?


While spending time with loved ones do you anticipate your next sexual encounter or conquest?


Has your appetite for sex created problems for you in establishing long-term committed relationships?


Do you lose interest in relationships after you have sex?


Do you spend more time watching pornography than forming real relationships?


Have you promised yourself that you would stop acting out sexually but then relapsed after several attempts?


Do you use sex to manipulate others?


Do you pay for sexual liaisons?