In Depth Interview with Nikki Leigh


Listen in as A. D. Burks explains the what it means to truly be for love

Welcome to Ready for Love Radio with Love and Relationship Coach, Nikki Leigh.

Let me Introduce Myself – I am a Certified Love & Relationship Coach and a Certified Master Sexpert. I work with single and married, men and women to help them understand themselves better and to improve their personal & business relationships. I’m an award winning author of 30+ books – fiction, non-fiction, business and relationship topics. For much more information, visit

Let Me Tell You A Little Information About the Show

Before you consider whether your partner is Mr. or Ms. Right, take a look in the mirror. Are YOU ready for love? We each have our own unique “love print” – it is developed through past experiences, hopes, dreams and passions. Whether you’re single and looking – or involved in a relationship, you’ll find out how to be Ready for Love and begin your journey on the road to your ideal relationship.

The purpose of the show is to help you understand yourself better to prepare for a relationship or to improve an existing relationship. It is also to share information that will help you learn and understand more about love, relationships, sex and intimacy.

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